The Race

From our friends at Ragnar Events, here is a brief video to explain the questions we always get – what the heck is a Ragnar Relay and why in the world would anyone do that?

Ragnar is about doing things together than we can never do alone. Each runner will complete at least 12 miles over the course of, in our case, about 34ish hours. Sleep is hard to come by – we can sleep in the vans, at major exchanges (which are sometimes high schools or churches), or in sleeping bags in designated (read: safe) areas. We run on a course that has been mapped out by Ragnar officials – usually a very nice mix of roads, trails, sidewalks, bike paths, and back roads. There is so much beautiful to see while running a Ragnar Road Relay! We decorate our vans and carry all of the names of the children and adults we run for, to remember their courage and strength when we feel tired. And we cross the finish line as a team – 12 people working to achieve a common goal!

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