Local Runners

We are so excited to welcome new runners to the #werun22q family! You don’t have to run Ragnar or long distances to join us, but you do have to want to raise awareness for 22q!

Cristina Lowery

Hey! My name is Cristina Lowery and I am a wife and a mom of 2 sweet girls, Lena Claire and Maren Louise. I was raised in Georgia but I met my husband, Chris, and moved to Mobile, AL in 2010. My husband and I moved back to Georgia in 2016 right after Lena Claire was born. Shortly after that we were surprised with Maren and had 2 sweet girls under 2 years old. Loved it, but life was hectic! The day after Lena, my oldest, was born the Pediatrician noticed a heart murmur after i requested we checked her heart. Congenital Heart Disease runs in my family and I wanted to make she was healthy. Turns out she was not. She was flown to Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham that day and had her first open heart surgery at just 8 days old. That was when we also received her diagnosis of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. Lena went on to have 2 more open heart surgeries before her first birthday. We have had other obstacles along the way, but just take her diagnosis day by day. Her little sister definitely helps keep her motivated to learn and get stronger. THIS is why I run for 22q. So many people have no clue about this syndrome and I hope me running for this cause not only gains funds for research but gains awareness as well.

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