I started my running journey when I decided to make healthier choices while expecting my first baby. 

I started my 22q journey when my sister welcomed a 22qtie into our family. I learned about this chromosomal abnormality that was causing a wide range of issues for her little guy. 

My nephew Oliver, diagnosed with 22q.11.2 deletion syndrome, is never short on laughs despite a packed schedule of appointments and therapies. He offers a smile even post-surgery. He’s an insatiable composer and music lover and an avid collector of all things flashing and bright. Ollie’s colored our world with bright neon lights and tinkling melodies. 

In addition to being a 22q Auntie and avid runner, I am a mother and graphic designer. I love singing loud, exploring new cities and trails, blogging (, attempting to keep plants alive, and eating carbs. 

When introduced to werun22q, a lightbulb flashed. Why not do the thing I love to benefit the ones I love?! Move aside 26.2, what are a mere 200 miles among friends on the same mission!?

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